Test Your Security with a Purple Team Assessment

How secure are your defenses? Can an attacker easily map out your network, steal credentials, and takeover administrative machines? Worse yet, can attackers acquire and exfiltrate data undetected? To find out, schedule a Purple Team Assessment with LightCyber and its consulting partners.

LightCyber has teamed up with leading security services firms to offer a free, limited-scope red team attack simulation and a blue team security evaluation. As part of the assessment, a red team tester will conduct network and application attacks, focusing on reconnaissance, lateral movement, and data exfiltration.

Purple Team Assessment Overview

Blue Team Evaluation

To prevent costly data breaches and downtime, you must be able to quickly detect and shutdown an attacker—before the damage is done. As part of the purple team assessment, LightCyber will deploy the Magna Behavioral Attack Detection platform in your network to monitor communications between endpoints and servers as well as endpoints and the Internet. The blue team test will help you evaluate your defenses and determine if you have any weaknesses.

Purple Team Assessment Deliverables

  • High-level risk analysis of system, application and infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • Valuable insight into how attackers would operate inside your network
  • Detailed report of LightCyber Magna security findings
  • Recommendations to improve security technologies and processes

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